Activate your personal best

Activate your personal best

Activate your personal best

We have two clinics, our flagship in Parsons Green and our second clinic in Fulham. Lots of our patients are keen runners and many enjoy the challenge of local running clubs and races.

We’ve helped thousands of patients overcome injury and get back on their feet, as well as supporting many on their performance journey; with biomechanical assessments, gait analysis and more.

Will this be the year your activate your personal best?

We’ve shared a few of our favourite races and running clubs, but there a lots more available. If you’d like to add your favourite to the recommendations, please email us at


Join a running club

Whether you’re looking for a serious sweat, scenic river runs or a light jog to a different coffee shop, we’re spoilt for choice in the Fulham, Putney and surrounding areas.

Clubs have members of all speeds and abilities, so you’ll always be able to find someone at a similar ability or just a little bit faster to work towards. Even if you don’t want to enter races, simply improving your fitness and being a part of something is a great way to stay active.

Spending time with people that share your goals can be hugely motivating and help foster great new friendships.

Our top picks:


Running in a race

There’s nothing like a hard deadline to get you motivated! Whether you’re a first time runner or an esteemed athlete – there’s a race for you.

If you’re in a running club already, you’ll more than likely be taking part in races with people you already know so you’ll have you’re you’ll own personal squad of cheerleaders.

Here are our top picks for upcoming local races:








Whether it’s a biomechanical assessment and gait analysis or a pain management plan, our experts are on hand to help. You don’t have to go fast, you just have to go. Let us help you get there.

#TakeSteps to look after your feet

Active Life have invested in high-tech specialist equipment and combined with their expert knowledge and technology can provide useful advice on your personal running style and how to improve.