Minor Foot Surgery

What is it?

At Active Life Podiatry, our expert podiatrists are qualified to undertake toenail and skin surgery.

Minor surgery is a very effective procedure that usually takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour.

The procedures are carried out using local anaesthetic, which is an injection given around the problem area to ensure a completely pain-free experience.

We are often able to resolve toenail problems in only one treatment or, in the case of skin problems more than one procedure may be required. Your podiatrist will advise on the expected number and length of treatments.


Who is it for?

Patients who are suffering from:

    • In growing and infected toenail
    • Deformed or painful nails
    • Painful involuted nails
    • Fungal nails
    • Damaged nails following trauma
    • Painful corns
    • Verruca removal


    • Target and treat the cause of pain
    • Improve the look of feet
    • Often resolved in one sitting
    Our podiatrist Iveta Havlicokova

    Iveta Havlickova provides routine podiatric care, verruca treatments, laser therapy treatment, wound healing, and patient education in foot health, especially systemic illnesses such as diabetes.

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    Walking the dog, taking the kids to school, running a marathon, or even running for a bus, we take thousands of steps in a day. In fact, we walk nearly 75,000 miles in a lifetime. Our feet bear the weight of our steps and keep us moving every day.