Routine Podiatry

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At Active Life Podiatry, we treat all problems using a combination of years of expertise and the latest techniques.

We will diagnose, advise and treat many painful problems such as ingrown nails, corns, verrucae, and infections. We also offer minor surgical procedures for skin and toenail conditions.

Routine appointments are available at our main clinic in Parsons Green, or at our clinic in Putney at The Putney Clinic.

Routine Podiatry Appointment

Routine podiatry, also known as chiropody, is a general check-up appointment where your podiatrist will treat any minor conditions, such as: corns, calluses and other areas of dry, hard skin. They will also treat infected toenails and fungal infections such as athlete’s foot.
Following an initial assessment and diagnosis of any potential problems, your nails are cut and tidied.

Minor Foot Surgery

At Active Life Podiatry, our expert podiatrists are qualified to undertake toenail and skin surgery.

Minor surgery is a very effective procedure that usually takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour.

Meet our specalists

Our podiatrist Iveta Havlicokova

Iveta Havlickova, Routine Podiatrist and Patient Education

women standing smiling

Alexa Callaghan, Musculoskeletal and Routine Podiatrist

#TakeSteps to redefining Nail Care at Studio 3  

Experience the perfect blend of medical expertise and beauty indulgence at Studio 3, the newest addition to Active Life Podiatry. Our revolutionary nail studio offers a holistic clinical approach that transcends traditional nail care, providing a harmonious fusion with beauty.